Casino chips
  • May 13
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What do call chips?

Where can you get it?

Value and prices

What are the chips made of?

Poker chips

Token for slots

A chip is a small disc used in a casino game that replaces a certain amount of money. Typically, they are round, i.e. disc-shaped. However, the casino can also use the so-called plaques (plates). They are rectangular and start at 25 thousand dollars.

What do they call chips in casinos?

Casino chips are also called tokens.

They are made of clay, compression-molded clay, or ABS plastic and are used in board games like poker, roulette, etc. Metal tokens also exist; they are called tokens and are used when playing slots.

In all land-based casinos, the use of standard chips is mandatory. They came into use for many reasons.

stack of tokens

Firstly, they are much more convenient than paper money, secondly, they allow you to calculate the number of bets and payments faster, and thirdly, they make it easier for the security service to control your winnings and help fight casino scammers.

Where can you get game chips?

It is easily done in a casino. You come to the gambling house and look for the cash register. That's where you buy them for cash or cashless payment.Broken tokenYou should remember that the chips are equated to money only on the territory of “their" casino. Game chips from another casino will not be exchanged for money. The only exception is Las Vegas, where some casinos do that.

Chips are an integral part of the game, which only adds excitement. Any attempt to replace them will fail. Some casinos produce collectible pieces of chip sets that also include two decks of cards. All these collection cards and chips contain the casino logo. They are put into a special case. The cost of such a collection set can reach $50,000. There are still those willing to pay great sums for such a piece. Lots of collectors are members of the Collectors Club, which was established in the United States back in 1988 and is very popular among gamblers.

Chips' value and prices

It is believed that game chips of the same value should be of a certain color. This makes it possible to quickly calculate the winnings and navigate the bets. Dealers and gaming staff do it automatically.

Values and prices of the tokens

  • 1 dollar - white, light gray or bluish chips
  • 5 dollars - red chips
  • 10 dollars - blue tokens
  • 25 dollars - green chips
  • 50 dollars - usually dark blue or purple tokens
  • 100 dollars’ chips are usually black
  • 500 dollars - magenta chips
  • 1000 dollars - orange tokens

What are the chips made of?

Modern casinos usually use compression molded clay chips with the metal insert plate. The weight of such a chip is 11.5 grams, and the diameter is 40 mm.

These characteristics are standard at all gambling establishments. You can calculate the amount of chips simply by weighing them. However, casinos use a stack of chips of the same value so that they could count faster. It is usually a stack of ten or twenty chips.

Ceramic chips of a different diameter are used much less frequently.

Plastic and ABS plastic tokens are used for board games and home amateur sets. They are not used in professional games.

The token and chips for a poker games

Poker chips

When playing poker, they use chips without par value. They differ only in color. Since the game sums at every stage of the poker tournament increase, it is easier to increase the nominal value.

Chips for slots

Casinos usually use metal tokens for playing slots. Some gaming establishments install a coinbox, set to the usual chips.