How scammers play roulette in a casino
  • November 1
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There are many scammers who “work” with gambling. And as casino security services do not oppose them, these tricks constantly seep into gambling establishments.

Conventionally, all casino scammers can be divided into two main types:

1) Fraudsters whose purpose is to steal casino money. They use a lot of tricks and schemes to get winnings that do not belong to them, or trying to increase their winnings in the casino by increasing their initial bet. As a rule, the basic working schemes of such "specialists" are well known to the casino security service.

2) The second type of scam is more dangerous for us, ordinary gamblers. Because their goal is our money. Also, this type can be attributed to the usual pickpockets and prostitutes trying to wield in the casino gambling halls.

How do scammers work in casinos?

Fraudsters and Roulette

As a rule, scammers near roulette tables work against the casino.

The most common method of roulette fraud is the "cover".

Its essence is as follows: a fraudster makes several different bets on roulette (basically these are piles of several different chips), and when the result becomes clear, imperceptibly for the dealer adds a few chips to the winning slot. For example, if the “coverman” adds only $ 2 to his winning direct bet (bet on the number of roulette), he will become richer by 70 ...

Such masters work mainly with teammates or even a team, they are noisy, constantly waving their arms and creating chaos at the roulette table. This is done deliberately in order to divert the attention of the casino dealer from the bets and the "naturalness" of the "cover". “Covermen” usually play at the table with a lot of neighboring players - it’s easier to “cover”, while remaining unnoticed by the casino security service.

An equally popular way of scamming roulette players against a casino is a banal arrangement of a player with a dealer of the same roulette.

The player and the dealer agree in advance (outside the walls of the casino). During the game of roulette, the dealer pays the player an overstated bet, or even pays for the bet on the roulette field, which was not even made.

With all its simplicity and invisibility, this particular method is the most exposed. The fact is that any casino conducts the most thorough statistics of games, and when one of the roulette tables falls out of the general “gauge”, the dealer immediately establishes close monitoring and control by the casino security service. Although for short distances for High Rollers (players playing big) this method brings a lot of money. The main thing is not to get involved ...

Of the scammers trying to "trick" a player near the roulette table, only pickpockets and chip thieves operating in the casino can be distinguished.

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