How to make money by playing and winning at a casino?
  • September 17
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The issue of winning at an online casino concerns all gamblers. Indeed, the overwhelming majority of casino visitors come to the websites to win. And only a few people visit gaming rooms for entertainment only.

We will tell you about the proven ways to earn money by gambling. How can one do it on an ongoing basis and not once in a while, when lady luck turns around?

This article presents only mathematically sound and proven ways to beat a gaming house.

We consider only "perfect" casino versions. For example, land-based or online casinos that never meddle with software. In other words, honest casinos. Since no one can win at a casino that cheats and lies to its customers.

Let's take a look at all the tricks and tactics to win and make money in popular casino games.

How to win at Roulette?

Roulette is a game that offers the lowest chance of winning. The probability of winning at Roulette depends greatly on the type of bets.

Making a direct bet on a specific number gives you a 2.7% chance to win at classic Roulette and a 2.63% chance to win the American Roulette.

Betting on equal chances (red/black, 1-18/19-36, even/odd) gives a chance to win at Classic (48.65%) and American Roulette (47.37%).

What do these figures indicate?

For instance, a 50% chance of winning implies that the number of wins and losses will be the same. When playing Roulette, where the chance of winning is less than 50% (48.65% and 47.37%), you will lose more in the casino than win.

Chances that a particular number will fall out are always the same. However, several tricks that can lead you to victory.

Use Roulette software

Nice software will not only make the game easier and simpler but also increase the probability of winning.

Best Roulette Winning Software

The software can be roughly divided into 2 types:

1) programs that collect statistics and those that conduct analysis. Such software displays information about the odds and chances of certain bets winning. The decision on the size and type of bet is made by the user.

Roulette analyzer is one of such programs

2) Programs making calculations and offering the player to make a specific bet. Users of such software can rely on mathematical algorithms and follow the instructions of the program.

Roulette Predictor belongs to this type of software

Even though the main factor of roulette is randomness, probability theory and game theory make it possible to calculate the next result as accurately as possible.

All professional players and math experts recommend using Roulette software.

It is up to you how well you can use the information and calculations you receive.

Implement great Roulette systems and strategies

If you play Roulette by the system, the probability of winning at the casino increases. But no Roulette system has raised the chance of winning even to 50/50, let alone guarantee a win at the casino.

You can learn more about Roulette strategies and systems here...

As you may know, there are 3 types of Roulette winning strategists, among which are:

  • - betting systems (with a bet size changing)
  • - game systems (with a type or place of the bet changing)
  • - combined ones - betting and gaming (combining elements of the previous two types)

mathematical systems and strategies for cheating casino roulette

Using casino strategies and game systems gives an indisputable advantage to all players. One can try to cheat Roulette by combining different methods and strategies but in the long run, the player is still doomed to lose.

The best way to beat Roulette

It's almost impossible to win Roulette all the time, but you CAN beat it.

You just have to use all programs and strategies at hand and not be afraid to experiment and try over and over again. This is the only way to succeed at Roulette!

If you plan on making every effort to cheat roulette, try using the whole arsenal of tricks. But don't play for too long. Game sessions must be short and alternate with long breaks.

How to win at Blackjack?

Blackjack is the only casino game where the chance to win isn't constant and can fluctuate strongly depending on the player’s skills, rules of the specific casino, and the cards.

How to beat dealer at BlackJack

With the basic game strategy and card count, the probability of winning Blackjack is close to 50%, which in some cases even gives the player a better chance of winning than losing.

Basic gaming strategy

Edward O. Torp, An American mathematician, has calculated all the possible outcomes of Blackjack and appointed the best move to each card that allowed him to win at the casino.

This strategy was called "Monte Carlo" or the Basic Blackjack strategy. It was published in the academic edition, "Beat the Dealer. A Winning Strategy for the Game of Twenty-One»

E. Torp and his friends and students would go to Las Vegas every weekend and outplay the casino.

By the way, the movie "21" (2008) featuring Kevin Spacey is based on the true story. Edward Torp was the prototype of the protagonist, the mathematics professor.

The mathematically sound and proven game algorithm has brought huge benefits to professional players. Until now, experts unanimously confirm the high efficiency of the Basic Strategy game.

Anyone can learn the basic strategy for free online

If you want to play Blackjack successfully, you must be familiar with the Basic Strategy! That is the key to victory.

Counting cards

The specific feature of playing Blackjack is that with each card, the whole deck changes its composition. If the Ace of spades comes out, it will not fall out a second time. And if all the Aces came out, you can forget about the "Blackjack" combination, which makes a game with such a deck unpromising.

This is what card counting systems are based on. By knowing the approximate composition of the deck, the player can win more.

Useful card counting systems are based on the division of the deck into cards, beneficial to the player (tens and aces) and cards, beneficial to the casino (small cards of 2-6).

How to play BlackJack in the casinos

Tens and aces offer the highest game combination - "Blackjack", thus increasing the probability of "going over".

Let's learn more about card counting...

Typically, there is no need to memorize all the cards used as they are counted in groups.

Software for winning blackjack

As you can see, it is not so easy to count cards. This requires solid mathematical skills, great memory, and extensive experience.

However, with the help of special software, even beginners can correctly count cards and start winning Blackjack.

Blackjack Basic Strategy Simulator Will Help You Win

There are very few nice programs for counting cards at the moment but there is still much to choose from. Lazy BlackJack remains the best of the free programs for many years.

How to beat slots?

The chances of winning at the casino slot machines are even lower than when playing Roulette. This is especially true for slots with a progressive jackpot, where the probability of winning falls below 40%.

There are, naturally, cases when due to the jackpot size players can expect to win. However, very few people have such an amount of money and human resources to cover all the slot machines that form the jackpot and play them until the jackpot is hit.

Of the slot machines, you should only choose a videopoker where the chance of winning is close to 50%. It is indeed possible to win at the casino if you play the game correctly.

We would like to draw your attention to the fact that you can win videopoker not in every casino and not on all machines. Be sure to avoid video poker with the jackpot, of course.

How to withdraw your winnings from the casino?

Winning money is only part of the business. You still need to get your winnings. And it's not always as simple and easy as one might wish.

Oftentimes, players trying to deceive the casino become the victims of deception themselves.

Just keep in mind a few simple rules to avoid fraud and outwit the casino:

  1. 1) Play only in reliable and trusted casinos. Major gambling houses are supervised by licensees and independent auditors. Non-payment of winnings on official websites is excluded.
  2. 2) Be sure to provide accurate data when registering in the casino and use only your accounts for deposits and withdrawals of won money.
  3. 3) Please carefully study all restrictions related to the bonus policy and withdrawal limits.

So, to sum it up,

if you want to win at the casino, you need to avoid slot machines, roulette, and craps.

You can outplay the casino in blackjack only if you follow the Basic Strategy and count cards.