What to wear when going to the casino?
  • May 6
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How to look stunning at the casinos

One-shoulder dresses

Dresses with evening wraps

Clingy outfits

Dresses with a high waistline

Fabrics and material


Decoration for dresses

A lot of women ask this question, but no one has ever received a definite answer. Let's start from the beginning.

What is the casino? First of all, it is a special atmosphere of excitement, charming croupiers, a lot of popular games, and of course a cheerful mood...

But how to look stunning at this party?

There is no fashion for going to the casino as such. The dress intended for casinos also does not have a single style; it only strives to achieve one goal - to draw the attention of others.

Numerous new fashion trends have appeared, and by following them you can become the queen of the evening. Generally, the evening outfit for the casino should follow the canons of the classic silhouette. Long dresses, both with or without a neckline, are quite trendy now. Likewise, corsets decorated with embroidery or lace are very timely today.

As for skirts, they can be both narrow and expanding from the knee. Besides, do not forget about the low neckline and free cut skirt.

Avoid too revealing outfits (unseemly short skirts and too low necklines)

Here are some interesting stylish evening dresses for the casino.

One-shoulder dresses for casinos` lady

One-shoulder dresses

It is one of the most exciting trends of the season. It's tempting, elegant, feminine, and most importantly, unusual. In this case, asymmetry looks very harmonious, especially if the dress is made of shimmering fabric. If you choose such a dress, you will look marvelous!

Dresses with evening wraps

Such dresses are also quite a highlight of the season. It is an open secret that practical and exquisite wraps will add special charm to any evening dress. They can be made of any material. The most important thing is to keep to the style. However, the most fashionable wraps of this season are those made of lace or fur.

Clingy outfits

Flesh-colored clingy dresses are a very daring, yet stylish trend of the season. It's a kind of illusion that makes men's hearts beat faster. Such dresses will favorably emphasize your figure. Besides, they always look elegant.

Dresses with a high waistline

Another quite stylish model of the season are dresses with a high waistline. If you choose to wear a dress with a high waistline of flowing fabric, you will look more mysterious and ladylike. The right high waistline dress will help visually lengthen your legs and hide some flaws in your shape.

Fabrics and material for dresses

When it comes to choosing the fabric for your evening dress, there is no strict rule. Both light fabrics (silk, organza, Flemish point) and heavier ones (velvet and satin) will be perfect.

Dresses for casinos - colors, fabric and materials

Besides, don't forget about velvet and knitted fabrics. It may sound too extreme, but in reality, dresses made of these materials look very feminine, even in the evening.

What color to choose?

White and black colors are still in style, as well as blue, purple, and red shades. But it is best to choose the color of your dress, based only on your personal preferences. All that matters is that the color looks good on you.

Remember such an important part of your dress as decoration.

The designers noted that thin lace has become the key element of this season's decoration. Lace (brooch, wrap, purse, scarf) can also be a part of your evening outfit. This year, all women of fashion choose such decorations as fringe and feathers. Evening dresses with feather and fringe trimming look dashing, glamorous, and stylish.

Use the tips to create a unique casino evening look. And at a party like this, you'll look fabulous!