• Horoscope compiled on August 3rd, 2020

Aquarius This week's Aquarius, the stars send their warning!
Fate from August 3rd to 9th will require from Aquarius the ability not only to stand firmly on their feet, but much more - the art of balancing on the edge of the abyss. It would be very tempting to take a step back, go into the shade, hide in a warm blanket, sit in a comfortable armchair and spend the whole week near a quietly crackling fireplace, with a mug of hot grog in your hand...
But will the energetic Aquarius sign withstand a week of quiet, dusty life? Can his active nature raise caution to the rank of paranoia?
Stars warn, but not the power to ban. The motto of this week they made the words: "There is rapture in battle!"
Will Aquarius be able to sit alone near the bar counter? Or to stand all evening near a table covered with green cloth, in an unusual role of a spectator for himself, and not a full-fledged casino player?
Surely no one can say. One thing is certain - luck just cannot fail to come to a daredevil, straightening his shoulders to meet the wind, beating in the face...
What are stellar warnings and advice, if not new trials for the strong in spirit and faith in their luck Aquarius?

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