• Horoscope compiled on June 1st, 2020

Cancer Cancer this week should be a little easier. No, no, not “dumber”, namely - easier!
After all, it’s not in vain that the stars, warning you against possible complications from June 1st to 7th, remind you: “Do not multiply entities beyond the necessary!”
The meaning of the motto of the week is as transparent as the starry sky on a moonless night.
Cancer should not spend energy on building ingenious combinations and multi-paths. You need to forget the opening textbooks and game theory manuals. To clear your mind to complete enlightenment - and to move in an open way, without further ado. This week, for Cancer, the best way to victory is the most direct!
Pick up worthy opponents, adhering to the same simple rule - let them be unpretentious and transparent.
Slot machine, roulette - examples of winning opportunities for Cancer. But chess, poker and bridge - can completely and irrevocably confuse the thin web of luck brought by the wind of change into your world from the kingdom of Fortune. Be careful and extremely simple in desires, games and actions - and the result will not disappoint you!

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