• Horoscope compiled on October 26th, 2020

Gemini During this period (from October 26th to November 1st), Gemini should not exert more effort and try to embrace the immense.
What to be - that cannot be avoided, and extra efforts will still bring no positive result.

Now it is worth completely relying on fate and calmly go with the flow.
Believe me, this will be the best option that will save your physical strength, nerves and peace of mind.

At the weekend, Gemini will receive news that can change a lot in the fate of Gemini.

If Gemini decide to play in a casino or gambling on the Internet, then it is worth paying attention to those games in which the result depends solely on the player’s luck and luck. Therefore, play roulette, lotteries or slot machines - slots - this is where the maximum winnings for Gemini this week are possible.

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