• Horoscope compiled on August 3rd, 2020

Leo Each dream in the end either breaks or comes true.
Leo this week (from August 3rd to 9th) will face a choice: go to a dream or stop striving for its fulfillment for at least some time. Stars are advised not to give up in any case, because the chances of achieving the desired from August 3rd to 9th are very high. Therefore, Leo should not just wait, but, rolling up their sleeves, make every effort to this.
If your dream is to have a lot of money, then do not hope that they will simply fall out of the sky. There are two options - either to find a new highly paid job so that the salary is higher, or try your luck in gambling. To get started, just buy a lottery ticket, but if you want a more exciting experience, play roulette and you will see that fortune is favorable to you today.
Just do not overdo it. Everything has its own measure and time. Leo should also pay attention to their friends. Perhaps among them there are those who simply use and deceive you. Perhaps you do not notice this or simply do not want to face the truth?
It is worth being more attentive to trifles and details. And yet, if you see the smile of Fortune, then go all-in. Fate very rarely gives the opportunity to change life for the better. Do not oversleep a million in your pocket!

Recommended Game: Roulette