• Horoscope compiled on October 26th, 2020

Leo Leo these days decided to take possession of Fortune completely. Money and good luck Leo cannot be avoided, and if you were born under this sign, then it's time to take care of your well-being.
The best solution would be to dramatically and dramatically change your financial situation by any available (and legal) means.
Of course, many will not be able to decide where to start and where exactly to seek the treasured treasures. Here the current Leo factor decides everything, if you have a good starting capital - a direct road to the casino.
At roulette or blackjack you can quickly raise the money you prepared. Well, if your current condition is not very good, start with a cheap lottery, which should bring you the starting capital for future enrichment.
It is unlikely that this week (from October 26th to November 1st) relatives will be able to understand and support you, but when you show them the result of your efforts, everything will fall into place. To reconcile with an upset loved one, it will be enough to allocate only a small fraction of the money you earned on this money from October 26th to November 1st.

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