• Horoscope compiled on June 1st, 2020

Leo According to all forecasts, the Leo from June 1st to 7th - all this week should be in high spirits.
And this is because very soon for Leo, Fate prepared many pleasant surprises and joyful surprises. The real “white streak” in life begins.

Leo! You will definitely need to derive maximum benefit and benefit for yourself from such a pleasant turn of Fate.

In casinos and gambling, the beginning of the week will not be so successful, but closer to the weekend the game will go as it should. Therefore, if you decide to play, then not on weekdays.

Do not miss your chance, which this time gives Leo of Fortune. However, in spite of such luck, the Stars during this period do not promise large financial additions. So the conclusion is that there will be luck in games, but in a small way.

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