• Horoscope compiled on February 24th, 2020

Libra Now came a period of calm for Libra.
There are no sharp turns of fate, no major changes are foreseen in life, at home or at work.

Libra will also wait at the gaming table - both in real or online casinos, and at home with friends at poker.

“Stability and constancy” - this is the motto given out by the stars for Libra.

Therefore, you should not rely on large gains or fear big losses - such sharp fluctuations during this period are unlikely.

Almost always, the amount of money lost by Libra will correspond to the number of wins. It's time to practice, hone the technique or any strategy of the game, or just play for pleasure, without fear of paying a tidy sum for this “pleasure”.

Moreover, soon Libra awaits a very turbulent period.

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