• Horoscope compiled on August 3rd, 2020

Pisces The best advice for Pisces - keep up the good work. All that he does is the best possible way.
No need to give Pisces recommendations, they will not do him any good. He himself will figure out how to improve his relationship, which car to choose, when to abandon business and set off to test Fortuna for strength.
No woman can stand it, because you rarely meet someone who really “knows what he wants.”
This period from August 3rd to 9th can be called extremely favorable for any undertakings. You can open a new company - customers will stand in line to make their way to you.
Bet more often - today, the talent to predict events and guess the results will play a good service.
If Pisces have never been on the run, it’s worth a try, because if he only sees the horses at the start, he will say, “Here is the winner.” If there are experts in the company who start brushing off, talking about Pisces, they say this person does not understand anything, this cannot be - they will bitterly pay for their words.
This time is completely for self-confident. When it will end is unknown, so it is better to use your new abilities to the fullest right now.
No need to be afraid to make rash bets - they will bring the largest gain in life.

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