• Horoscope compiled on October 26th, 2020

Sagittarius Great time to win! If anyone is lucky in poker or preference, then this is Sagittarius. Moreover, it does not matter what kind of card game this sign chooses: Texas poker, Russian, six-card or some other.
The "large" card goes immediately from the first deal, to the envy of the table neighbors and the dealer. But never give in to sudden impulses, especially if the card is successful, but you feel that, on the next card, you will most likely get the wrong result.
Take it easy, think it over and take the right step. Your native element and patron planets will help you with this.
Do not waste your luck. Fortune does not like to be scattered about her. Do not tell people about your successes in life and the game. Be prudent and risky at the same time. First of all, rely only on your own strengths.
Then a house in Miami, Nice, well, or at least on your own island you are provided. You are, after all, Sagittarius!

Recommended Game: Blackjack