• Horoscope compiled on February 24th, 2020

Sagittarius Oddly enough, but this whole week at Sagittarius will be held with one thought in my head "when is the weekend".
And indeed this week Sagittarius will feel tired and overwhelmed as never before. Therefore, before the weekend no gambling and trips to the casino. Now the best remedy for fatigue is to go out into the nature, into the forest, go fishing, or simply sleep well.

In addition, you should not shoulder an excessive burden and undertake those tasks and tasks that you simply cannot fulfill. Do what is really urgent and absolutely necessary, boldly put off the rest “for later”. Very soon, you will complete all deferred in one fell swoop.

At the weekend, Sagittarius will feel much more cheerful. Just this time is well suited for gambling and casinos. Moreover, luck begins to come closer to you this weekend.

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