• Horoscope compiled on August 3rd, 2020

Sagittarius During the week from August 3rd to 9th - Sagittarius gets a real opportunity to lose responsibility for everything.
The fact is that the upcoming week will give Sagittarius a real opportunity to establish close ties with energetic influential people who will be able to take on a significant part of the problems of Sagittarius.
This does not have to deal with material problems. It is possible that the spiritual sphere bothers Sagittarius no less. And a mentor, teacher, psychologist - will be able to provide Sagittarius invaluable assistance in fine-tuning their mental organization.
Namely, close contact with these people will allow Sagittarius to establish close ties with the sphere that is not entirely material, but nonetheless, in many respects determines it.
Sagittarius have real chances, with the help of new friends, to form in the public environment a stable image of a reliable partner. This process promises to be long and complicated for Sagittarius, but the beginning can and must be made precisely in this most favorable period.
Sagittarius' own spiritual upsurge will undoubtedly attract solid and reliable support to them in the person of like-minded people who adhere to a similar worldview and ethical principles.

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