• Horoscope compiled on January 25th, 2021

Scorpio Scorpio will be forced to devote this week to intensive communication with people around them. Therefore, from January 25th to 31st, the level of psychological discomfort Scorpio will reach a peak.
Unable to maneuver among emotional-psychological pitfalls anymore, Scorpio will come to the conclusion that the decisive moment has come to bring her disheveled feelings into perfect condition.
Scorpio's desire to improve its own psychological atmosphere can lead to decisive and even tough actions.
The uncompromising ideas of Scorpio can significantly narrow the circle of people really close to them, not to mention strict selectivity in relations with partners - both business and gaming.
Scorpio should be internally ready for decisive opposition to an environment that does not understand anything, and to defend their interests. Of course, if Scorpio considers it absolutely necessary for their own comfort.
An open confrontation is unlikely to bring tangible success. It is better to be prepared for a delicate diplomatic game and an elegant departure from the open conflict, for which Scorpio no longer has the strength.

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