• Horoscope compiled on August 3rd, 2020

Scorpio The upcoming week from August 3rd to 9th will be held for Scorpio under the sign of mystery.
Habitual situations can be distorted beyond recognition, distorted in the prism of mystery with an almost mystical touch.
On Scorpio - romantic natures - such a life turn can make a double impression. On the one hand, the week promises them richest opportunities to see routine and pretty annoying things in a completely new light. On the other hand, the conservative nature of Scorpio may experience a tangible cultural shock, losing its usual real support. During this period, it is better to refrain from close contacts with unfamiliar people, especially if the meeting is at the gaming table.
However, for emotionally unstable Scorpio, the best partners this week may be, perhaps, slot machines... But, even in the usual surroundings, the spirit of mystification will hang in the imagination of Scorpio, bringing them almost to manic suspicion. It is worth reminding the most incredulous Scorpio that a ninety percent fraud is created in his imagination by one who considers himself to be cheated.
To be attentive to yourself and others, but without too much suspicion - this is the advice to all Scorpio this week.

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