• Horoscope compiled on June 1st, 2020

Virgo The whole week from June 1st to 7th, Virgo does not exclude the possibility of an emotional breakdown. An attempt to switch attention to a neutral topic, with an increase in nervous excitement, most likely will not give the desired effect.
All week Virgo have to balance on the verge of hysteria. However, it is possible that someone from Virgo will manage to transfer the internal state from the emotional sphere to the spiritual one, having risen to a certain degree of exaltation. However, you must admit that this solution is very atypical...
Such emotional instability can push Virgo, usually honest players and partners, to try to break free from the usual rules and restrictions. Including, and not quite honest methods. And, since cheating, however, like any other type of scam, is far from the strongest feature of Virgo, there is a considerable chance that they will simply be caught by the hand. With all the unpleasant consequences that follow.
If the "pranks" of Virgo go unnoticed, a false sense of impunity can undermine their emotional skeleton.
In the course of a regular game, an increased general background of emotions can work like a kind of entropy magnet, attracting dormant luck, and Virgo will receive an unexpected but pleasant gift in the form of a lucky chance that turned the entire course of a knowingly losing or hopeless game...

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