We invite all players to try the online version of the free Roulette Analyzer, which will make the process of winning much simpler for you!

With this program, you will not need to record all the results and perform calculations yourself: our Roulette Analyzer will do it all for you.

Try it for yourself and make sure that such software will come in handy for all casino players.

Click on the number that has come up in the Roulette
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2 5 8 11 14 17 20 23 26 29 32 35
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To date, our Roulette Analyzer is fully functional. It collects the Roulette statistics from any online casino and offers quite an accurate prediction of winning/losing bets in Roulette. The chances here are equal.

All statistics are gathered and analyzed following the laws of probability theory, after which a mathematical model of the game is created. Based on the entered results, the forecast of the next Roulette wheel spin is made.

We are going to constantly improve and develop our Roulette Analyzer. Besides, our online casinos’ analyzer will always be Free, as well as our other programs. You can find them in the “Tools” section of our website casinotip.net.

The program for analysis will be very useful to players who need detailed statistics on online Roulette games. The main purpose of our analyzer is to collect statistics and conduct its analysis.

How to use the Roulette Analyzer to win in a casino?

If you play Roulette in the casinos, click on this page on the number that fell out.

The program will add it to the results and make a calculation.

You will be presented with the whole statistics of the game. You will see how often do the “red” or “black” color, “1-18 / 19-36”, “even/odd”, “dozens” and “2to1” fall out.

If you want the system to calculate and show your chances of winning, enter at least four results.

If there is enough data for the analysis, the program will show the chances and probabilities of the following results.

Below the statistics tables, you will find the recommended bets and your chances to win in percentage.

When does the Roulette Analyzer show the best result?

We recommend you to conduct analysis online only if you play European or French roulettes. If you choose American Roulette, you should remember that the results may not be accurate as this kind of roulette has 2 Zero fields. We do not recommend playing American roulette as it has a much greater casino advantage, so the probability of losing is much higher.

We sincerely hope that our Roulette Analyzer will be of great help for all players, make the game easy and enjoyable, and give everyone a chance to win in the casino.

Best of luck!