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Website users asked to write an extended roulette analyzer that would gather accurate statistics on all the game results. This calculator should become a real assistant to roulette players. These requests are now fully granted! A new program has been created - Lazy Roulette Calculator - the best roulette system analyzer developed for computers with the Windows operating system computers.

The program gathers full statistics on roulette games at online casinos. In this case, a detailed analysis of all results is carried out, forecasts are issued for bet groups based on mathematical calculation and probability theory. All quantitative and percentage statistics are displayed on the main working area of the calculator.

The program not only gathers all statistics of your online roulette games but also performs its systematization and detailed analysis. Besides, all displayed information is divided into groups, which makes it comprehensible and visual.

Aside from analytical information on the casino game results, Lazy Roulette Calculator gives the calculation of chances to win at various bets on the roulette field. The probability of certain bets losing is mathematically justified, which increases the chance of winning at the casino.

Developers of Lazy Roulette Calculator have implemented an extended function to forecast the probability of the next result based on mathematical algorithms. This is a unique development that has no analogs.

With this software, math comes to the aid of the players and becomes the best friend and adviser. Not even the smartest scientist can do the calculations that Lazy Roulette Calculator does in a fraction of a second. And all calculations are guaranteed to be error-free!

The mathematical model and calculation sequence used in the Lazy Roulette Calculator shows the best results close to the real deviations. Numerous tests of casinos showed excellent results, bypassing the few competitors.

The program is easy to use and does not require computer resources and Internet speed. Lazy Roulette Calculator will be the best assistant for every roulette player! Just click on the drop-down number and you will get the calculation, statistics, and forecast of the next game result.

Features of Lazy Roulette Calculator:

  • - maintaining and displaying detailed statistics on all roulette results
  • - statistics for each specific roulette number (number of drops and percentage)
  • - "equal chance" statistics (red/black, even/odd, 1-18/19-36)
  • - "dozens" and "rows" statistics (2 to 1)
  • - calculation of probability and percentage of winning by equal chances, "dozens" and "rows".

We are sure that our program will help everyone to achieve better results at roulette and earn great winnings. This application will be an indispensable assistant not only for beginners but also for game masters.

Lazy Roulette Calculator is not a commercial product and is distributed freely, free of charge, and does not require registration or SMS. Simple activation on the official website will give full access to all functions and features.

Program interface: English, Spanish, and Russian