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Classification of Roulette systems

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The Internet offers countless Roulette strategies, tactics, and systems, either good or bad. Among them are both systems named after aristocrats or scientists (D’Alembert, Einstein’s system), and those with no more or less decent name.

Numerous scientists, cheaters, and casino players tried coming up with a system to play Roulette.

Classification of Roulette systems

We can state with assurance that the history of the game systems is as old as the history of the Roulette itself.

Almost all casino players use different strategies to play Roulette. This makes the casino game more exciting and challenging.

What Roulette strategies are there?

Of all Roulette systems, we can distinguish 3 classes:
  • ● betting systems
  • ● gaming systems
  • ● combined systems (betting and gaming)

Roulette betting systems

The idea of the system is to change the bet size depending on various game factors.

The most widespread and well-known Roulette betting system is the Martingale system.

The strategy’s logic is simple – if you lose playing Roulette with «equal chances», you must double your bet. Thus, in case of winning, the previous losses are played back and the amount equal to the initial bet is won.

When playing in a casino, bets in the betting system can both increase and decrease.

Most Roulette betting systems have fixed chips.

The table limit is the major disadvantage of betting strategies that require an increase. Reaching the highest limit stops the logic of the game on these strategies.

Roulette game systems

Roulette gaming systems are based on changing the placement of bets on the playing field depending on the game situation.

A shining example of this system is one of the best and simplest Roulette systems – the Makarov (Biarritz) system.

Under this game system, the same bet is placed 36 times on the same Roulette number. In case this number falls out before 36 spins, the player wins 1:36. The sooner the number falls out, the bigger the winnings.

Depending on the Roulette game results, gaming system bets can be both fixed and changeable.

A lot of game-type strategies consist of complex algorithms and a set of rules. Not every player can play them without having some experience and training.

Combined (betting and gaming) systems

Combined Roulette systems include both elements of gaming and betting systems.

Depending on the gaming situation, bets may increase, decrease, or change the location on the Roulette field.

Most Roulette systems belong to the class of combined (betting and gaming) systems.

Such strategies are among the most complex systems and are often not feasible without notes or special software.

How to use Roulette Strategies

How to play Roulette using the system?

The use of different tactics significantly increases the player’s chances of winning at the casino.

As with any matter, the game by systems requires certain skills and training. The Roulette game is very dynamic itself, and if there are several players or a noisy company at the table, it will be very difficult to strictly adhere to the game algorithms and the chosen strategy.

Playing at an online casino solves this issue but is devoid of all the charm and Roulette atmosphere of the «real» casino.

Some systems base their subsequent bets by analyzing the results of previous Roulette spins.

Betting strategies are considered the riskiest ones (in particular, advanced systems like Martingale with double bets), whereas gaming strategies are the safest. Thus, combined types of game strategies are in the middle and represent the best option for the game.

Winning casino game strategies

Every game of chance is subject to strict rules. Every player understands that he/she can increase the chance of winning if he/she follows a certain strategy of game behavior.

There are plenty of strategies and systems to play on the Internet. Some are free, whereas others are sold out. But none of these strategies can actually guarantee constant wins in some casino games.

Please note that among the online directories, encyclopedias, books, and tutorials for casino games, only a few strategies, according to experienced players, allow you to increase your chances of winning.

However, this raises the question of whether all these strategies, even with their real performance, can bring regular profits to the player and are a real strategy for earning money in the casino?

If the core and principles of the game were that simple, we wouldn’t just choose boring jobs, but spend all time in online casinos instead. We would just pour a cup of coffee and win every day, without trying to get a real job. Have you heard of such people?

This could only mean that there are either no winning strategies or those who have the skills just keep it secret. We do not know the truth, but the second option sounds a bit surreal. You cannot hide a cat in the bag. Someone would definitely tell relatives or friends about such strategies.

Those who comply with all game principles and following strategies/systems can win, but the chances are not so big, so they cannot count on continuous wins. Besides, the chance of winning increases due to the player’s steadfastness and inflexibility, constancy, and commitment to the chosen gaming system. Do not discard the key factor that affects the game – luck.

What is Win-win Roulette tactics

Win-win Roulette strategy

Roulette is one of those games of chance that cannot be won all the time. A strategy that gives the player the most playing time can be called the best one, but it still won’t be a win-win strategy.

Do not get too enthusiastic about game strategies with a great progression (sharp increase) bets. This tactic will be increasing the player’s bank, but if he or she loses, he/she will fail dramatically.

And if somebody offers you to buy an exclusive, universal, and «win-win» Roulette system, remember that they are trying to deceive you.

No casino can offer a universal «win-win» Roulette system!

The best Roulette strategies:

In this section, we'll take a closer look at the best roulette strategies. Let's honestly describe all the advantages and disadvantages of gaming systems. Let's show you how you can make money in a casino using proven strategies and systems.

Martingale Roulette Strategy

Martingale strategies are the most popular gambling system. It refers to the betting systems of the game.

The essence of the strategy: after a loss, the bet is doubled.

Those. put $ 1 and lose, the next bet is $ 2; lost $ 2 - next bet is $ 4, etc.

The formula for increasing bets is $1 - $2 - $4 - $8 - $16 - $32 - $64 - $128 - $256 - $512 - $1024

Full review and software for the Martingale Strategy

Roulette system Counter d'Alembert

The Counter d'Alembert system is simple and straightforward for any player. According to this system, if you lose, you need to decrease the bet by 1, and if you win, increase it by 1.

The Counter d'Alembert roulette system gives a good profit when there are several wins in a row.

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Game strategy of Thomas Donald

Playing roulette according to Thomas Donald's strategy, you need to decrease the bet amount by 1 if you win and increase by 1 if you lose.

This strategy is the opposite of the Counter d'Alembert. Playing roulette using this tactic gives smooth wins and smooth losses.

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